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Ayam Getok Mantul a Haven for Fiery Chilli Food (Halal)

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Ayam Mantul Set A - Kurang pedas RM9.90

Restaurant Ayam Getok Mantul Cyberjaya is the place to be if you enjoy fiery chili in your food - a place where you can test how well you can handle spicy food.

Freshly made sambal that come in 3 levels of spiciness you can choose from.

The restaurant is very spacious with indoor & outdoor seating options. It has a slightly hipster vibe for those of you looking for somewhere a bit nicer. Not very crowded unless it's lunch time, their set meals are the crowd-pullers.

Click for location >> Restaurant Ayam Getok Mantul

A really affordable & fairly good portion of meal sets are available

It's a straight forward menu, with either chicken or fish options. The difference in price is due to the side dishes, like tempe, tauhu, cucumber & more.

In conclusion, if you enjoy spiciness this is the place to be. Rating 3.5/5. What do you think? Have any other delicious & affordable food places to recommend? Tell us in the comments below.


Business Hour:

11.00am - 10.00pm

Monday - Sunday


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