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5 FUNtastic Virtual ICE BREAKERS To Break The Online Awkwardness!

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Ever feel the errrrrr.....? *crickets buzzing* when an online meeting or class starts? Totally understand the feeling. Ice breakers will help lighten up the mood - so here are five Free & No Props required ideas you can run with!

1. Lip Reading

Duration: 1 minute per person

How to:

1. Set a genre.

2. Pick a word/phrase according to the genre.

3. Mute your microphone.

4. Mouth the word/phrase clearly.

5. Guess the word/phrase by reading the lips.

2. Don't Stop Singing

Duration: 20 seconds per person

How to:

1. Start by choosing a song.

2. Sing a sentence or two from the lyrics.

3. Leave out the last word in the line.

4. When it's your turn, start another song by filling up the missing last word.

5. Repeat step (3), elimination happens when you are unable to continue the song.

3. Grab and Tell

Duration: 2 minutes per person

How to:

1. Make sure everyone is seated & the webcam switched on.

2. Stretch out to grab something around you.

3. Item must be within arm's length only. (Remain seated)

4. Take turns to describe what the item means to you & why it's interesting, important, or significant.

4. Guess my Gibberish

Duration: 15-20 minutes (8-10 people)

How to:

1. Prepare a list of gibberish words or sentences.

2. Take turns to read the gibberish word or sentence. (e.g. sad herd day)

3. Guess the answer as quickly as possible by saying it out loud or typing it in the chatbox.

5. What am I Drawing?

Duration: 20-30 minutes (5-6 people)

How to:

1. Log on to

2. Key in your name & select *Create Private Room.

3. Share the invite link at the bottom of the page. Once everyone is in the room *start game.

4. You have a choice of three(3) random words to draw when it's your turn. Select one(1).

5. Start drawing your image, while others guess what you are drawing by typing the answer in the chatbox on the bottom right. *You can key in an unlimited amount of guesses.


What do you think? Have any other Funtastic ice breakers to recommend? Tell us in the comments below.

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