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Top 5 Budget Places To Eat In Cyberjaya For RM10 & Below!!

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

1. All in All (Southern Indian) *Halal

Serves one of the best southern Indian veg & non-veg cuisine with a wide range of freshly cooked dishes daily. If you head there around 7.30 am you will also find a spread of breakfast menu such as puri, idli, dosa, vada & many more. The price is really reasonable & if you are a student just present your student ID to get a 10% discount for your meal.

2. Hinz Kitchen (Chinese) *Non halal

It's the place to be if you are looking for a good range of yummy Chinese dishes & really affordable drinks. Some of the top sellers are the creamy butter chicken, luncheon meat fried rice, Singapore Bihun & the list goes on. Usually quite crowded during lunch & dinner hours. In between, they close for a break from 3.30 pm & reopens for business at 5.30 pm.

3. Ayam Penyet Indorasa (Indonesian) *Halal

A recommended place if you enjoy Indonesian food. Most of the dishes come with chilli sambal sauce that adds the extra kick to your meal. All-day set meal is also available with options to choose from such as Ayam Penyet, Empal Penyet, Lele Penyet & Ayam Soto. If you are on a budget, set meal is definitely the way to go.

4. Ayam Getok Mantul (Indonesian)*Halal

The place to be if you enjoy fiery chilli in your food. Freshly made sambal that come in 3 levels of spiciness you can choose from to pair with your meal. Really affordable & fairly good portion of meal sets are available too. Opens daily for lunch till dinner & best to avoid office lunch hour crowd during the week. Any other time of the day is fine.

5. Salam Noodles (Chinese) *Halal

Specialises in hand-pulled noodles, originated from China. Most of the dishes are rice or noodle-based. Other dishes you must try is the dumpling & satay sticks which has a different flavour compared to those locally. Really affordable price & what's amazing is that the drinks are free flow. Two outlets in Cyberjaya, one in Shaftsbury Square & the other at CBD Perdana 2.

BONUS!! Restaurant Abe Mat (East Coast Malaysia) *Halal

A vibrant restaurant that serves Kelantanese cuisine at lunch time. They are famous for nasi campur with budu (anchovies sauce) & ulam (traditional salad), nasi kerabu, gulai kawah (beef stew) and many others. Something you must try is the Teh Madu (honey) & keropok lekor, a local traditional snack from the east coast.


What do you think? Have any other delicious & affordable food place to recommend in? Tell us in the comments below.

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