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Relax or Enjoy A Mind-blowing Gaming Experience at M8Hexa Esports Hub!

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Take your time out to relax, get your adrenaline rushing, all in one space near Xiamen University Malaysia! M8Hexa Esports Hub offers high-speed internet, live stream rooms, sizeable soundproofed event space, co-working space, meeting rooms, board games, a pool table, and also food!

M8Hexa Esports Hub is located in Bell Avenue, directly opposite Xiamen University Malaysia, which should take only about three minutes' walk from campus. As you enter, you will first need to register yourself. Then purchase a one-day pass or subscribe to any membership package offered. A one-day pass only costs you RM10!

If you are a member of this amazing esports hub, you will only need to scan your face or fingerprint and voila, the door will be opened and you will be entering the "Chill Zone". Unlimited access to VR games, PS4, a cozy place to enjoy a movie, board games and a pool table are waiting for you to explore and enjoy! There are also live stream rooms with high-speed internet, so you don't have to worry about internet disruption as you conduct your live videos. Also, if you would like to use this space for events, prices are negotiable too!

As you move onto the next level (pun intended) - the first floor upstairs is where the "Serious Zone" is. You will be amazed by the sound-proofed arena which can seat 80. However, with physical distancing now, it can only accommodate about 35 people. Sound systems are in place hence if you would like to organise any talks, workshops, gaming competitions, etc, this would be the perfect go-to place! Prices are negotiable as well.

Outside the arena are all the private rooms available for meetings, discussions, workshops and students come here to study and finish their assignments too. The sizes of the rooms vary, hence they can fulfill different group sizes.

Last but not least, food is definitely a plus point for you to spend your entire day here. There are currently not many food options around Bell Avenue, but M8Hexa esports hub has all that you need. Food sold at the pantry range from RM2 to RM8 and snacks are available too at a reasonable price! M8Hexa esports hub also allows entrepreneurs to sell your products, items here online or offline. Hence, a great platform for you to reach your dreams!

There are user guides for each facility, so don't worry if you are not sure. Just ask the working staff in charge for help! Not to mention, there are also printer and photocopy services, so all that you need for productivity is available at M8Hexa esports hub.

So here's a recap of M8Hexa Esports Hub!


Unlimited access of VR Games

PS4 to get your adrenaline running

Usage of PC for work, academics or even gaming

High-speed internet

Chromecast for TV available

Well-equipped live stream rooms

Cozy space to chill and watch movies Variety of boardgames

Pool table

Co-working space

Futuristic pantry with space for you to sell your items

Event spaces


Private meeting rooms

Photocopy services

Pantry that allows you to cook!

Opening Hours

Monday | Closed

Tuesday - Thursday | 10.00am - 10.00pm

Friday - Saturday | 10.00am–12.00am

Sunday | 10.00am–10.00pm

So much with such minimal amount in one space! Hurry and visit M8Hexa Esports Hub to experience and enjoy these facilities on your own!

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