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Poor in Pocket, But Not in Spirit

Poor in Pocket, But Not in Spirit

For the past few months, volunteers who represented iSurvived Subang have been supporting close to 50 college students in the Subang Jaya area with their grocery shopping. They meet at a nearby hypermart, are given a budget and we pay for their groceries at the cashier.

One of these students was a very humble and pleasant guy from Sibu, Sarawak. He has been in Subang since September 2020 to attend the International Medical College (IMC).

What really inspired our team was that he did not use up the budget that was given to him. And when he was encouraged to do so, he simply replied that he had bought what he needed.

What an attitude! We’ve always believed that just because you’re poor in your pocket doesn’t mean you’re poor in your spirit.

Keep the good news coming. #isurvivedsubang is powered by friendships and our motto is: “Always Better With A Friend”.

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