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Helping a Student Pay Her Rent

Helping a Student Pay Her Rent

Recently we had a student who just finished her Master’s degree and has been trying to get a job in Malaysia. However, with everything happening it's been a challenge. Even with her side business doing hair and selling hair products, things were not looking good.

Finally, she decided to go back home but could not afford the RM600 rent for her last month in Malaysia. Despite selling off her own things, the money still wasn’t enough.

The iSurvived team heard about this student’s situation, and on 6 July 2021 began to collect funds on her behalf. By the end of the day, we had RM850 and it was sent to her, with extra for other expenses!

A little goes a long way and we can make a difference one life at a time. #isurvivedcyberjaya – powered by friendships.

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