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Fundraising for Postgraduate Students

Fundraising for Postgraduate Students

Back in July, it was brought to the iSurvived team’s attention that four postgraduate students studying at Nottingham campuses were in need of finances. They asked if we could help with their food and groceries.

From 18 July 2021, the team began to collect funds. We also asked what their specific needs were and offered them options like vouchers or the groceries itself. One of them asked for groceries, another for delivery and two asked for vouchers.

On 24 July 2021, we managed to get the groceries for one of them and he was very happy about it. For the student who asked for delivery, we bought food from a campus stall and delivered it to her.

As for the two vouchers, we collaborated with two campus stalls and they agreed to help us out. We designed and printed the vouchers and gave them to the students. They were both happy and grateful, and are using the vouchers on an ongoing basis.

A little goes a long way and we can make a difference one life at a time. #isurvivednottingham – powered by friendships.

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