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Food for the Stomach for 5 UOC Students

Food for the Stomach for 5 UOC Students

Throughout the weeks of 21 July- 8 August 2021, the iSurvived Cyberjaya team have been reaching out to University of Cyberjaya (UOC) students who are back on campus despite the lockdown and doing their online studies from their dorm rooms.

We sent out a form and poster to the cohort groups to see if we can be there for them in any aspect (be it food, a friend or a prayer). We received five responses, four of whom are international students; three from Arab countries, one from Mauritius and one local from Malaysia.

All four international students shared their need for groceries and not having enough to get by the month. So we went grocery shopping for them, buying necessities and tailoring the food to their preferences while other campus students from UOC and Acts Church wrote them encouraging notes.

We hope that their bellies are full and their spirits lifted in these difficult times. A little goes a long way and we can make a difference one life at a time.

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